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Local Distillery Charting a Course for Success

It’s hard to believe New World Distillery, tucked into the tiny town of Eden in the upper Ogden Valley, launched their business a mere two years ago. In that time, they’ve put themselves on the map, regarded by many locals and tourists as a top-shelf quality, success story of spirits.

“The majority of our business is coming from tourism,” says Chris Cross. “Between the ski season and the Summer months we’ve stayed busy, but we’re quite popular with locals also.”

Chris is joined by his co-owner wife Ashley, who helps him with day-to-day operations and marketing. When she concluded her career with as an award-winning Davis County School District teacher, Ashley punctuated the moment by declaring to Chris that it would be “a whole new world.”

The pronouncement stayed in Chris’ head and became the perfect name for his newly-conceived distillery business. Since then, the two have been charting new territory, winning over locals and tourists alike.

They built a beautiful showroom with a well-adorned modern, yet country vibe filled with an assortment of alcohol, books, shirts, and other merchandise . Across the back wall visitors get a front row seat through a set of large windows from one end of the spirit-making operations to the other.

But both Chris and Ashley love taking guests into a deeper dive, routinely offering tours and tastings to help visitors catch the vision of their creations.

And, as a destination distillery, the owners are quite proud that they source many of their materials locally.

“I think people have forgotten what real cherries taste like,” said Ashley, of their commitment to using quality materials. This includes tart cherries they source from Woodyatt Cherry Farm in Willard for their Wasatch Blossom liqueur.

But they also leverage apples from Paradise Valley Orchard and are looking to expand into other resources from the Beehive State, such as sage.

“We just want to give people an unforgettable taste and experience,” concludes Chris.